Principal's Desk

It is an honor and pleasure for me to begin my work as Chairman of Sri Varadarajan Educational Trust. Leading this institution is a challenge I relish.

As I am sure everyone is aware, the moment in which we now find ourselves is one of profound challenges — not only to the campus and the wider education system, but to the nation and the world. Some of these challenges we can confront directly, and manage to the best of our ability. Others we cannot solve ourselves — but we can and must think and talk about them together, and try our very best to influence those charged with their solution.

I see Varadharajan Polytechnic College future as that of a coherent but heterogeneous community of colleagues, and a place where the opportunity to do research, to teach, and to learn will not be compromised by fiscal constraints, inequitable access, or the differences among us. In this – as, indeed, in all the tasks we undertake together – I will look to all of you for advice and counsel.

A vision without action is a dream; action without vision is waste of time; but vision with action changes our lives. So we have a vision of the edge of excellence in the endowment of teaching and learning process.